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Livorno in Tuscany

Livorno: Pittoresque Tuscan gateway to the Mediterranean

Picture of Piazza Grande at Lvirona TuscanyThe history of Livorno (or Leghorn) is revealed through its districts characterised by the Medicean canals, which are still navigable and all lead you to it’s historic centre. Once defined as an ‘ideal’ town during the Italian Renaissance, nowadays the Venice district is the district that preserved most of its original town planning and architectural features such as the bridges, the narrow lanes, the noblemen‘s houses and a dense network of canals which once linked the port to its storehouses.

Allthough many buildings and historic places have been bombed in WW2, the port with it’s fortresses and towers is largely spared.

The “Piazza della Repubblica” in Livorno contains two important monuments of Italian politicians. Besides being the main square it is also a bridge: in fact, under the bridge there is an old, big canal. Piazza della Repubblica is the largest bridge of Europe. (see picture above)
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